Founder of Conquer Your Reality™ programs and products, a Life Solutions Facilitator and Happiness Coach

Dr. Jen Bickerton is an advocate and educator for positive life change, promoting change through choice. A graduate of Logan College of Chiropractic and an expert in dietary supplements, she is committed to teaching about the importance of self-care, the concept of choice, and the need for developing clarity for your life.

aboutDr. Jen will help you discover your own solutions for living life your way. Through a system developed from how she changed her own life—going from chronic illness and poverty, to living a happy, peaceful, healthy and prosperous life, she teaches others how to choose their own path and follow it to their chosen life.

Join Dr. Jen either in a workshop, online, or work with her one-on-one, as she shares strategies she learned after documenting the patterns of her own struggles with chronic illness, low motivation, severe financial stress, and relationship difficulties. She will show you the steps she took as she embarked on a journey to redesign life the way she wanted it!

Instead of bowing to the challenges that threatened her capacity to care for her family, she found courage to map her own route to arrive at a destination of her choice. She learned that a whole world of possibilities open up when you take action. The key is determining what action to take.

Today, Dr. Jen is a catalyst for assisting others, helping them remove the barriers that keep them trapped in a life they don’t like, guiding them on the SWIFT route she developed to help them reach their own life goals. Her ultimate mission is to create a ripple effect by helping others live the life of their choice, so they can impact the one’s around them positively too.