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Workshops offered live and online.

WORKSHOPSBeginning with the foundational concepts of choice, how to think, self-love and care, Dr. Jen’s workshops guide each participant through a step by step process called the SWIFT Route. It takes the life lessons she learned and packages them into an easy to follow guide, showing the attendees how to design their own personalized plan. The fun workshops have a road trip theme and lead the students through inevitable bends in the road as she presents stories from her life’s journey and reinforces each lesson for participants to discover their own solutions with purposefully designed exercises.
By the end of the class everyone is able to put their solutions from the exercises into a complete personalized life map. This map can be incorporated into the modern fast-paced schedule, decreasing the burden of such a lifestyle that overwhelm many.
Using the acronym SWIFT, the students will:

  • Stop and recognize where they are starting
  • Understand the reasons why they want change
  • Be able to identify their belief patterns to consciously determine their priorities, and illuminate the path of least resistance to reaching their goals
  • Forgive the past and focus on the future
  • Set up a method for triggering new habits with predetermined rules they set for themselves to keep them on track
  • Learn to consciously choose how they live, day by day, taking the consistent tiny actions that lead to BIG changes

Dr. Jen will also provide the attendees with a toolbox for physical and emotional routine maintenance, sharing what has been instrumental to her own success, including techniques, modalities, and dietary supplements for energy, mood, stress, sleep, and pain.
With a powerful plan of their own creation, everyone is able to follow their own self-directed path, at their own pace, with confidence to go, do, and be anything they want!