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If you are looking for a way to change the direction of your life, a different way of feeling and responding in this world, then you are in the right place. I’ve developed 4 different coaching programs specifically for women at different stages with different needs.

work-with-mePersonal Coaching Programs:

  1. Conquer Your Reality Bootcamp
  2. Zen Focused Living
  3. fibroCARE
  4. Accountability coaching

Conquer Your Reality Bootcamp personal coaching

is for those that want to devise a plan for massive change to live life on their own terms. So, if you are wanting to make your life work for you instead of always feeling like you are living for everyone else, then this is the program for you! It is a 12-week program designed to help you consciously make life choices leading you into intentional living.

  • 12 weeks¬†
  • One-to-one 60 min. coaching call per week
  • Implementation activities for each week
  • Unlimited email support

Zen Focused Living personal coaching (coming soon)

is for overwhelmed and highly stressed women who would like to find a way to live life calmly with clarity. Step into a new way of thinking and living with a unique guided structure through ancient Japanese practices to completely alter a chaotic or tense presence. The coaching process is a slower process to help you incorporate your new perceptions into your life while bringing joy to everyday.

  • 12 weeks
  • One-to-one 60 min. coaching call per week
  • Implementation activities for each week
  • Unlimited email support

fibroCARE lifestyle personal coaching

is for those with fibromyalgia that desire to live a better quality life with an individualized lifestyle plan. Learn to recognize the need to slow down, explore your possible triggers to flares, outline a plan for advocating for your specific needs, put together your own personal toolbox for assisting with flare-proofing your life so it doesn’t fall apart when you feel like you are going to, and discover the flare recovery and resiliency strategies that work for you.

  • 6 weeks
  • One -to-one 60 min. coaching call per week
  • Plan development activities each week
  • Unlimited email support

Custom Personal Coaching

is for those that already know what they want to do and maybe already have a plan, but need help following through on the actions that will help them reach their goals. If this is you, then this plan is completely tailored to your individual needs.

  • Completely tailored time-frame, call time-frame, and structure.
  • Unlimited email support during specified time-frame

Understand that wherever you are in life is a sacred point. It is the perfect space and time for choosing how your life will unfold next. And what comes next will depend on how well you acknowledge the sacredness and value of the position you are in now. You are at a peak vantage point for radical change, regardless of what external appearances may seem. No matter how low that point may feel currently, you can make changes that will be reflected in your life.

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