Symptom Tracker & Planner

The fibroCARE Symptom Tracker & Planner was designed by Dr. Jen to help women with fibromyalgia keep track of their physical symptoms and emotional struggles. This is an undated 3-month quarterly symptom tracker & planner that contains 2 pages of tracking info and insightful questions for each daily entry. Learn to live easier, more comfortable, and have better quality days with the fibroCARE Symptom Tracker & Planner.


U-TURN   (Coming Soon Summer 2023)

Are you tired of spinning your wheels? Are you ready to turn your life around?

U-TURN is for those who are discontent with their current reality. If you are looking for a map to show you which way to go to Conquer Your Reality™, then this is it!

Based on Dr. Jen Bickerton’s SWIFT Route mentoring programs and workshop, U-TURN shows you how to get unstuck and out of the sad, sick or broke rut. With a driving theme, each chapter is designated by a mile marker, giving you directions for mapping your own way.

  • Determine what needs to change in your life
  • Define underlying reasons why you desire change
  • Clarify what you really want
  • Identify the path of least resistance to getting it
  • Focus on the road ahead, instead of looking in the rearview mirror
  • Set and trigger new habits to reach your chosen destination

Make a U-TURN and take the next on-ramp to drive change in your life and Conquer Your Reality™ today!

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The Last Place You Look

Sam can’t find his swimming goggles! He looks everywhere, asking his mom, dad, brother and sister if they have seen them. They all say the same thing, “they are always in the last place you look.” Follow along as Sam searches and help him find his swimming goggles.


Even Steven

When things happen that Steven doesn’t like, he wants to get even. One day Steven learns what it feels like to be on the other end of a grudge. With his Mom and two kind sisters, Steven learns the Golden Rule and discovers that it is even sweeter to treat others like you want to be treated. A teachable moment book from veteran homeschooling mom, Dr. Jen Bickerton.