4 Key Ways to Take Control of Your Life in 2020

Dec 29, 2019
4 Key Ways to Take Control of Your Life in 2020

Sometimes in life, it can feel as if our lives are spiraling out of control; nothing may be going as planned, and you may feel like you can’t get a grip on reality or everything feels uncertain. This can happen for a number of reasons, from being overworked or over-stressed, to experiencing something traumatic, or even just being depressed.

It may seem impossible to get life back on track, but there are a number of ways in which you can work to regain control of your life by triggering specific behaviors and sticking to them. Here are four key ways to start to conquer your reality.

1) Guard your time and selectively say no
Part of how we become overworked and over-stressed is by agreeing to take on far more than we can handle. We often want to please everyone. Many times we don’t want to let those that are close to us down, and we agree to take on more responsibilities than we could possibly complete. You can’t allow yourself to feel guilty for saying no to something you can’t do; if the person that asked you to do it truly does care about you, they’ll understand.

2) Don’t be afraid to live life your way
If you want to feel more in control of your life, you can’t let others dictate what you do, the choices you make, or what makes you happy; you have to do things your own way– for yourself. Occasionally, what you want to do will line up with something someone else has done in the past, but often times, your path will be unconventional. Don’t be afraid to step into uncharted territory, take the path less traveled, or make your own path in life; do what makes you happy.

3) Take care of yourself
One of the most important steps to regaining control of your life is taking good care of yourself. Your mental and physical health are extremely important. Make sure you give yourself a day to unwind each week.

Use that day to do what makes you happy, relaxes you, and allows you to recharge your battery. Treat yourself to a spa day, spend a few hours reading, soak in a hot tub or bubble bath, go to the beach or a park, or whatever soothes and relaxes you, and puts your mind at ease.

4) Turn this into a learning experience
There are two ways to look at setbacks in your life: you can mope and seek pity, or you can learn from your mistakes and turn the hardship into a learning experience to better protect yourself in the future.

You can learn a lot from your failures and with each one, you become more resilient. By looking at the challenge as a learning experience, you take a positive approach which also helps you power through the hardship easier, coming out on the other side a stronger person that is better equipped to handle things in the future.

When you feel like your life is spiraling out of control, your situation may seem hopeless but you can work to regain control. There are many ways in which you can work to better yourself, regain stability, and regain control, but here I focused on the top four reasons that are essential to regaining control of your life.

If you find yourself still struggling or feeling hopeless, seek help from a professional; they can help guide you through it and offer you much needed support.