8 Steps to Create Balance in Your Life

Feb 15, 2020
8 Steps to Create Balance in Your Life

Do you feel your life is balanced? Or do you feel you are often tugged in many directions and never get to do what is important to you?

It can be easy to dedicate too much time and energy to specific parts of your life, while ignoring other parts. The goal in creating balance in life is so you can feel motivated, calm, clear-headed, and grounded in all areas of your life.

In determining how balanced your life really is there are two areas of your life to look at: external and internal.

The Internal: Body, Mind, and Emotions

  • Physical Health. Do you have a healthy diet overall? Not only do we need to eat well, but we need to make sure we rest and have quality sleep, plus exercise or move every day for a healthy body.
  • Mental Health. Do you engage in mind stimulating activities such as reading or intellectual activities where you are mentally challenged? To keep your mind sharp and inquisitive, and to keep yourself from getting bored in life, it is essential to pursue your interests and keep growing for self-improvement. Stimulate yourself intellectually, but give your mind the opportunity to rest too.
  • Emotional Health. How is your mood? Do you consider yourself happy? You will know if you general tend to find yourself in a positive state. If you have a hard time processing feelings and find yourself depressed and anxious, then your emotional health may need some focus.

The External: Fun, Family, Social, and Work

  • Me time. Do you take the time to indulge in activities that you personally enjoy?
  • Family. How are your relationships with parents, significant other, children, or friends? Are you able to maintain healthy boundaries while enjoying their company?
  • Social. How often are you able to go out or have dinner with friends? If you stay home on weekends or holidays without socializing then this may be a challenge you can work on.
  • Work. These days people don’t always look at a work / life balance because our work needs so much of our attention in this digital age. If this is happening to you, then think of it as work / life integration. Because you may be working, but if you are aware of the times that you need to be mentally and physically present for your family and your friends you can create a balanced integration. As you push yourself to chase your goals, keep your eye on your big picture life.

Finding Life Balance

Many of us are guilty of focusing too much on one or two areas, while neglecting the other areas. And that often is because of poor time management or undefined priorities.

However, balance in all areas will help you to maintain a high level of wellness with yourself and your life. Here are 8 steps to help you review the areas of your life and create that balance you desire:

8 Steps to Creating Balance

  1. Recognize – Evaluate all areas of your life, what are you neglecting?
  2. Review the internal and external – Acknowledge where you might need more balance.
  3. Make a life priority list – for creating balance. For example, if you work so much that you miss family events or even family meals, you might make it a priority to be present for these things a certain number of times per week or month.
  4. Plan – It is important to outline a plan on how best you will achieve your goals to meet your priorities.
  5. Be aware of challenges – As you plan how to meet your priorities, make note of what challenges might arise and how you can deal with them.
  6. Prepare – Feel good about the decisions you are making to create balance in your life. See the value in the effort you are making to take care of all aspects of yourself and life. Always be prepared to follow your plan.
  7. Accountability – Whether it’s a specific tactic or a person in your life that offers support and motivation, let someone know what you are trying to do to help you stay on track. A personal coach or mentor is perfect for this. We are able to listen to your struggles and hear where you might be able to make choices that could make life easier and more enjoyable while you meet those priorities you set for yourself.
  8. Be kind to yourself, but have non-negotiables – Just like anything, creating balance takes time because you have to break negative behaviors and habits in order to instill new ones. Don’t give up! Be gentle and forgiving with yourself if you don’t meet all your goals every time. But, love yourself enough to make non-negotiables with yourself. For example, I will not allow myself to get my morning cup of coffee, until I do 20 minutes of movement and exercise. It is non-negotiable unless I’m under the weather. You can do this, you are in charge of your own life. Create it the way you want, don’t just participate by default. Live it your way! Conquer Your Reality today!

Hearts & Hugs,
Dr. Jen