Relaxation: A Requirement for Health

Oct 15, 2021
Relaxation: A Requirement for Health

Are you on the go all the time? Or working all the time, whether at a job or chauffeuring kiddos? Which by the way, I believe working at home taking care of children is much harder than going to a job! I’ve done both. And truthfully, I was shocked after I went back to work after homeschooling my children for 8 years! Not to demean any job, but I do know managing a home and taking care of children is definitely time and a half. But regardless of the job, do you schedule down time for relaxation in your life? I know, most of us will say no. We keep going, burning that candle at both ends. Yet, relaxation is so important to our health, that this is something that seriously needs to change. Try not to view relaxation as a waste of productivity hours, because the benefits are measurable and if you make a habit to regularly schedule non-negotiable breaks for yourself, you will see that your productivity will increase over the long run.

Let me give you a few examples why you will reap the rewards with much needed relaxation:

Relaxation Supports the Immune System

When we are busy all the time, it leaves little space for taking good care of our health. The result may end up being the exact opposite of what you wanted- sick days that leave you unable to do anything. Luckily, some regularly scheduled time for R&R can offset this. We all have hectic periods of our life, but the important thing is to have time for recovery and recuperation.

Crazy schedules and super busy lives can often lead to sleep deprivation, and high stress is typically only manageable up to 3 months. After that, well things can go downhill before you know it leaving your health vulnerable in many ways. Try taking the weekends off, or if you can’t, try sleeping in at least one day per week. This may support your immune system and keep you ahead.

Relaxation Keeps Your Memory Active

The longer you work or push yourself at an intense rate, the less efficient memory recall. You may find yourself making silly mistakes, or that you feel a little too forgetful. Even short periods of high stress affect the memory centers of the brain, which can be noticeable when under pressure.

The important thing here is by taking time to relax, it will allow cortisol levels to return to baseline, because there are no pressing issues to deal with. Chronically high levels of stress and the hormone cortisol may also contribute to long-term memory problems over many years, as stress and cortisol are known to have a strong inflammatory component.

Relaxation Replenishes Motivation

Do you ever notice how your drive to work decreases significantly after doing it repetitively for a period of time? In fact, under the prolonged influence of stress, the motivation center of the brain becomes desensitized to dopamine, limiting your ability to feel motivated, or experience pleasure.

A well-timed break for relaxation will recharge your batteries though. Along with supporting your brain with dietary supplements such as Lion’s Mane, a medicinal mushroom, or L-Dopa from Velvet Bean extract. Just keep in mind that there is just so much you can handle under pressure, everyone has a breaking point- don’t wait to find out what yours is.

Relaxation Keeps Your Heart Healthy

Unfortunately, for some it is too late by the time they realize that running a hectic life without taking much needed relaxation time can pose a risk to the heart and circulatory system. Not taking time off to reset and relax can increase the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease. One of the reasons, is that excess cortisol may put the heart and blood vessels under extra stress, besides other factors of being overworked may lead to unhealthy habits of pushing yourself to keep going with caffeine and stimulants.

Relaxation is known to be a help in in healthy lifestyle management for reducing risks to the cardiovascular system.

Relaxation Will Help Sustain Youth

Yes, you read that right! Relaxation is absolutely necessary for aging well. Running on empty day after day is a disastrous recipe that leads to, not only wrinkles, but physical aging in the joints and organs. The greater the impact of the hormones cortisol and adrenalin, the more inflammation, and the harder and faster your body has to work to regenerate cells.

This is why many are choosing to live like they are in retirement when they are young, scheduling down time throughout the year – going on vacations, propping their feet up, making time for things they enjoy and just relaxing.

Now that you know how important relaxation is for your health, make it one of your self-care priorities. Work will still be there tomorrow waiting for you, so take your time.